51’53”, Brazil, 2009.
Guest director | Carlos Nader

Created in 1995 by fine artists Barrão and Luiz Zerbini and film editor Sergio Mekler, Chelpa Ferro explores the plasticity of sound in sculptures, objects, installations and performances that challenge viewers’ senses. In the sixth documentary of the Videobrasil Authors Collection series, director Carlos Nader follows the group as they set up their Totoro sound object, at the São Paulo State Art Gallery (Pinacoteca), the Jungle Jam installation, at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia, and the deconstructed opera A autópsia da cigarra gigante at Rio de Janeiro’s Oi Casa Grande Theater, all in 2008. Reflections from the artists and excerpts from past works such as Acqua Falsa (2005), presented at the Venice Biennale, and installation Estabilidade provisória (2005), at Fundação Eva Klabin, show the restlessness and the sense of humor that underlie their unique productions. English and Spanish subtitles.