She uses the notion of game in her work as a strategy of engagement in the face of the political and social contradictions inherent to the present time. Since the 1980s she has worked with transmedia pieces that combine video, photography and digital media. She is also a researcher and has given talks on the connections between technology and culture. In 2003 she curated the International Dlux Media Arts show in Sydney, under the title “Plaything.” The show focused on mapping digital gaming trends, and was attended by the leading game designers in activity, as well as scholars and artists. More recently, she has created the Downstream project, a digital media-based installation that responded to the mythical, Biblical, and chemical aspects of climate change. The piece was developed during an artist residency at the Performance Center Carriageworks, in 2009, and shown at the art gallery of the Australian Embassy in Washington. She is a professor at the Sydney College of the Arts in the University of Sydney.