Haroon Gunn-Salie | Agridoce

The artist presents his works that integrate the exhibition Agridoce as a result of the 1st SP-Arte/Videobrasil Award, and holds forth on the project’s development process.


Mahmoud Khaled | Videobrasil Collection in Context #1

Featured in the Videobrasil Collection in Context #1 exhibit, the artist discusses the creative process for his Proposal for a Porn Company


Cláudio Bueno | Videobrasil Collection in Context #1

The artist presents his Estudo para Duelo, speaks out on his partnership with Paula Garcia and on his research into the collection of Associação Cultural Videobrasil


Yto Barrada | 19th Festival

One of the 19th Festival’s guest artists, Yto Barrada, comments the creative process of her artwork Wallpaper Tangier.


Rodrigo Matheus | 19th Festival

One of the five artists in the Southern Panoramas | Guest Artists exhibit, Rodrigo Matheus discusses his piece Mauser & Cia


Sônia Gomes | 19th Festival

One of the guest artists for the 19th Festival, Sônia Gomes comments on her creative process


Gabriel Abrantes | 19th Festival

The artist presents and comments on his films featured in the 19th Festival’s Southern Panoramas | Guest Artists show and Film Program


Abdoulaye Konaté | 19th Festival

The Malian artist contextualizes his three large panels featured in the 19th Festival’s Southern Panoramas | Guest Artists show


Southern Observatory | Session 04: Regionalisms and Decenterings | 19th Festival

On August 22, the final Southern Observatory session dealt with perspectives of art circulation informed by a critical regionalism

public programs

Public Programs | 19th Festival

A summary of the Festival’s packed schedule and of its main exhibitions

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