A video installation by Sandra Kogut, comprising five monitors arranged inside a platform for the spectator to walk over – the images shown are aerial takes of the city.



Essay Ricardo Basbaum

The image tube is bombarded by an electron beam that crosses the vacuum, driven by electric current modulations and pre-programmed instructions, triggers the incessant visuality that is bodiless, because it constitutes itself in the bodies of others who are confronted by the materiality of the domestic object, defeated by the immateriality of the new collage-image-sound script, swiftly edited-manipulated post-produced in such a way that mental processes triggered by the electron that generates the color-dot-line can surely subvert the addiction-like cerebral pleasure of neurotransmitters educated in the daily mechanics that sadistically and meekly fragments and indoctrinates bodies but when electronic action-flashlights are installed as architecture they produce resizings of the multiple physical/electronic real/mental perceptual/existential spaces paradoxically eliciting an utterly current coporal response that can be archetypal-nostalgic even through the advanced futuristic equipment that retrieves the technological utopia because it reconnects body and mind biotechnology through its ability to encode thoughts in the urbane human construction because technological image does not allow indifference its great stimulus and obstacle is to light up the collective body through individual processes this is the tool.