A Latin American take on Marcel Odenbach’s political and cultural oeuvre

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posted on 07/13/2015
Solange Farkas took part in a conversation in parallel with the german artist's retrospective show in Lima, Peru

Associação Cultural Videobrasil curator and director Solange Farkas discussed artist Marcel Odenbach’s oeuvre and its place within the context of Latin American production on July 21, 7pm, at the Goethe-Institut auditorium in Lima, Peru. The event was organized by ATA (Alta Tecnología Andina) as part of Movimientos quietos, the monographic exhibit featuring video and paper works created by Marcel Odenbach over the past 30 years.

Solange Farkas has worked with the German artist in the past, as the curator of La Mirada Discreta, a show by Marcel Odenbach and Robert Cahen in Buenos Aires, 2006. As chief curator of the 16th International Electronic Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil (2007), Farkas was responsible for Odenbach’s most comprehensive retrospective in Latin America to date, featuring 15 video works and installations, and including the previously unseen Disturbed Places – Five Variations on India, whose production was backed by the Festival.

For the director of Videobrasil, the work of Marcel Odenbach is a key reference. "The complex mesh of images, times and perspectives he weaves to bring to light questions  charged with subjectivity, within the context of personal and cultural memory, is very particular. At the same time, as his body of work develops, he gives us important clues about the process that transformed the video, an experimental medium par excellence, in an omnipresent tool in contemporary visual and artistic expression", says Farkas.

The exhibit in Lima, Movimientos quietos, is a production of the MALI – Lima Art Museum and of the German Institute for International Relations, in collaboration with Goethe-Institut in Lima and the ATA. Curated by Matthías Mühling, the show illustrates the subtlety and formal variety of Odenbach’s approach to image in motion, providing audiences with a unique take on the place of the human being in global societies.

Solange Farkas: Una lectura desde América Latina a la obra político-cultural de Marcel Odenbach
(Solange Farkas: A Latin American take on Marcel Odenbach’s political-cultural oeuvre)
July 21 (Wednesday), 7pm
Auditorium of the Goethe-Institut | Jirón Nazca 722, Lima, Peru
www.goethe.de/lima | www.mali.pe | www.ata.org.pe

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