Galpão VB opening hours

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posted on 12/07/2015
In the end of the year, the Galpão VB VB will be closed to visitors. Until December 18, the office works only for internal activities. Opening to the public: January 4, 2016

From Monday, December 7, with the closing of the Commissioned Projects exhibition of the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil | Southern Panoramas, Galpão VB will be closed to the public. Videobrasil's staff continues to work on internal activities until December 18, closing for Holidays from December 19 until January 3, 2015.

Although it will not be open to the general public, Galpão VB's team is availbale to welcome companies, producers and those considering renting the venue for corporate events.

On January 4, 2016, Galpão VB will return to its activities and will be open to visitors. In the Reading Room, visitors will have access to the Video Library, with more than 1,300 works, performances and documentary records; to a visual arts library, with over 3,000 books; Channel VB, updated with new videos and making-of from the 19th Festival; and PLATFORM:VB, an online tool for researching and curating. In the living areas and garden, the public can have access to Internet, with free wi-fi.

The 2016 exhibition program will start on Frebruary 20th. Follow us on our social media pages for more information.

Galpão VB | Opening hours
DEC 7—18 Internal activities
DEC 19 — JAN 3 Closed for Holidays
JAN 4 — Galpão VB reopens to visitors
FEB 20 Start of the Exhibition Program

Galpão VB