Corrupted memories

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posted on 07/05/2016
Next Saturday (JUL/9), at 3pm, a public program activity of the exhibition “How heavy is a cloud?” brings together the artist Giselle Beiguelman and curator Ana Pato

What is it like to revisit a traceless history? When did the ruins become debris? Does tourism cannibalize memory? Those are some of the questions the artist and the show's curator will discuss in the light of How heavy is a cloud?. Entitle Corrupted memories: amid ruins, rubble, and theme parks, the meeting with the show’s artist and curator happens next Saturday, July 9th, at 3 pm, with free admission for all ages. 

Undertaken by the Associação Cultural Videobrasil, How heavy is a cloud? exhibition presents for the first time the artworks Ask the Stones [3rd Series] (stamps), Disturbingly familiar (audio, postcards), How heavy is a cloud? (video, photograph), prompting the audience to venture into a mysterious, unknown territory of family inheritance. Born into a Polish-Jewish family, Giselle Beiguelman morphs into a traveler of memories for this project, visiting her family’s home country and questioning herself, investigating landscapes and her own past, revising a traceless history, and ultimately creating a lyrically-charged piece of stark images. How heavy is a cloud? was commissioned by as part of a program to promote Polish culture in Brazil in 2016. The exhibition will be showing at Galpão VB until August 20, 2016.

Giselle Beiguelman is an artist and a professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of São Paulo (FAU/USP). Recent projects include Beleza Convulsiva Tropical (Convulsive Tropical Beauty, Bahia Biennale, 2014), Memória da Amnésia (Memory of Amnesia, the Historical Archive of São Paulo) and the curating of Arquinterface: a cidade expandida pelas redes (Archinterface: the city expanded by networks, Sesi-São Paulo Digital Art Gallery, 2015).

Ana Pato is a curator and researcher. The holder of a PhD from FAU-USP, she was chief curator for the 3rd Bahia Biennale (2014) and the projects director for Associação Cultural Videobrasil (2000-2012). Ana Pato is the author of the book Expanded Literature: archive and quotation in the work of Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (2012).


What: Corrupted memories: amid ruins, rubble, and theme parks, public program activity of How heavy is a cloud? exhibition, featuring Giselle Beiguelman and Ana Pato.

When: July 09 (Saturday), 2016, 3pm

Where: Galpão VB | Associação Cultural Videobrasil (Av. Imperatriz Leopoldina, 1150, Vila Leopoldina - São Paulo)

Free for all ages