BAK Fellowship 2018/2019: Call for proposals

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posted on 03/23/2018
Application deadline: April 6, 2018

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst is a base for art, knowledge, and the political. BAK is committed to the notion of art as a public sphere and a political space, and provides a critical platform for aesthetico-political experiments with and through art. BAK brings together artists, thinkers, and other members of the precarious classes to imagine and enact transformative ways of being together otherwise.

Since 2017, BAK conducts a post-academic Fellowship Program with, at its center, research on reframing and rethinking conditions of the contemporary through politicized art-making and inquiry.

The 10-month Fellowship Program offers ten research positions per year (September–June) to Dutch and international practitioners involved in contemporary arts, theory, and activisms. The Fellowship Program develops talent and critical practice in concert with the public experimental projects of BAK. The Fellowship is predicated on regular, active development of an individual research trajectory, as well as participation in collective research and exchange with other Fellows.

Fellowship research proposals should speak to and with BAK’s core research, experimental methodology development, and program itinerary Propositions for Non-Fascist Living (2017–2020). Successful fellowship proposals correspond to this program’s three foci: conditions, politics, and genealogies of contemporary global migration; ecologies, ecological crisis, and naturecultures; and the potentials and dangers of technology in struggles for justice and transformative politics.

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