• Annalee Davis, Aaron Cezar, Amilcar Packer and Koyo Kouoh

    Annalee Davis, Aaron Cezar, Amilcar Packer and Koyo Kouoh

  • Aracy Amaral

    Aracy Amaral

  • Koyo Kouoh

    Koyo Kouoh

The Public Programs activities are designed to expand upon the themes and concepts featured in the Festivals and exhibitions, eliciting experiences and debates that shed light and explore the questionings outlined in these events’ curating.

Using a transversal approach, the Programs’ actions reconfigure the exhibition venues into environments for reflection and interaction that transcend the art field to converse with other areas of knowledge.

In addition to meetings and debates, the Public Programs propose performative rereadings and activation actions, featuring guests who reveal new perspectives and thoughts on the issues at hand.

Like a laboratory for the connections and experimentations that arise from Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s curatorial research work, the activities invite audiences to engage in direct, horizontal participation with the guests and the programming itself, interacting with and contributing to the educational actions hosted by Associação.

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