Edições Sesc São Paulo and Associação Cultural Videobrasil
2015, 320 pages
width: 18cm, height: 23cm

This publication catalogs the 60 artworks and art projects featured in the Southern Panoramas | Selected Works and Southern Panoramas | Commissioned Projects exhibitions of the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil. The items were selected from a pool of roughly 2,000 entries. The show’s curators contribute reviews-summaries of each of the pieces, as well as short essays on the projects, interspersed with pictures and sketches. Includes a special insert containing views of the exhibitions at Sesc Pompeia and Galpão VB.

This is one of the three publications released on occasion of the 19th Festival. See also Southern Panoramas | Readings | Perspectives For Other Geographies of Thought, which includes essays organized by Sabrina Moura, and Southern Panoramas | Guest Artists, which contains references about the work and thoughts of the artists featured in the namesake exhibition.

COLLABORATORS Solange O. Farkas, Bernardo de Souza, Bitu Cassundé, Julia Rebouças, João Laia
GRAPHIC CONCEPT Ângela Detânico and Rafael Lain
DESIGN Carla Castilho, Lia Assumpção | Janela Estúdio