Edições Sesc São Paulo and Associação Cultural Videobrasil
2017, 216 pages
width: 18 cm, height: 23 cm

Featuring a graphic design that recreates traditional elements of encyclopedias, drawing not only texts, but also images, illustrations, maps and charts, the catalog of the 20th Festival expands the audience’s contact with the context and concepts interwoven by the selected works, inviting spectators to critically rethink the disciplines and categories that have regulated our ways of experiencing and understanding the world.

Combining art, culture, astronomy, biology, history and geography to further evidence the blurring of boundaries between art and science, the Encyclopedic Catalog lists, in alphabetical order, the artists and their works, interspersed with other kinds of entries, designated as “keywords,” “countries” and “regions” of origin and residence of the artists – entries that conceptualize the geopolitical South and its production.

organizers Ana Pato, Beatriz Lemos, Diego Matos, João Laia, Solange O. Farkas
coordinator and editor Teté Martinho
graphic design and art direction Vitor Cesar, Frederico Floeter