In her work, Thi My Lien questions the way we construct affiliations and boundaries, ways of living together and situations in which some end up excluded. She works with inclusive and participatory methods, and with traditions, rituals, folklore, culinary culture and their social impacts, seeking to create a greater understanding between communities. The performance consisted of a ritual experience, open to the public, linked to her experience in one of the projects of the Movimento Sem-Teto do Centro - MSTC, the Cozinha Ocupação 9 de Julho. The performance was followed by a lunch prepared by the artist and chef Michel Scherer. Each meal purchased guaranteed another hot meal for a person in a vulnerable situation, as usual in the MSTC project, which, since 2017, has sought to create a solidarity economy that favors residents of the occupations and the surrounding community and to promote greater visibility for the struggle for housing.