Inter-media artist based in Copenhagen. He is a curator and PhD CAnd. at the Department for Cultural Studies and the Arts, Copenhagem University. He is an external lecture specialized in visual, mobile and brutal aesthetics. He has curated and coordinated several projects for NIFCA: "Clockwise", "Art Error Ism" and "Under Construction". Published several articles in several international art magazines, latest in ATLANTICA Spain and Hjärnstorm, Sweden. He is the editor of the anthology "Peripheral Insider" (forth coming by Museum Tusculanum Press. University fo Copenhagen). Founder of "Chamber of Publics Secrets" a mobile space and network apparatus based on collective art practises, wich organized debate with Sarat Maharaj, Max Ryhannen and Anders Michelsen. The Chamber also organized "Beyond Visual Exprience" a debate with Mona Hatoum, Bülent Diken, and Maria Hirvi. Member of the Danish art society and the International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art IKT.