Geraldo Anhaia Mello was a video maker, photographer, journalist and writer. He was interested in the phenomenon of mass communication, was active in TV and radio, and his work explores the multilayered connection between image and truth. This scope of research occasionally had him at odds with the political powers that be: he was fired from his post as programmer of the São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound (MIS-SP) in 1993 for showing Simon Hartog’s documentary Beyond Citizen Kane, and from his position as presenter of the Verdades e Mentiras (Truths and Lies) radio show, on USP-FM, in which he would combine true and false news reports, questioning the boundaries of verisimilitude. He was from the generation that came into contact with video after the then-director of the Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo (MAC-SP), Walter Zanini, made a piece of Portapak equipment available to them in 1976. In that same decade, Anhaia Mello studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He passed away in his apartment in the Copan building, which he used to write about and discuss, out of his concern with preserving the urban heritage of the state of São Paulo.