In 1981 - after graduating in Architecture at the University of São Paulo - he joined Fernando Meirelles, José Roberto Salatini and Paulo Morelli to release the Olhar Eletrônico production company. In 1983, he won the Best Video prize at Festival Videobrasil for  Marly Normal. In 1988 he became the programming director of TV Gazeta, releasing the TV MIX show. Two years later, he was invited to be the programming director of MTV Brazil. In 1992, he migrated from TV to advertising, and headed the radio, TV and cinema department of advertising agency DPZ. In 2000, he left the agency to dedicate himself to documentaries and musicals, having directed a season of the series Música Brasileira on cable channel Multishow, and produced the documentary Drum In Braz for MTV Brazil in 2001. In 2003, he won the Best Electronic Music Video prize (MTV Brazil Prize for the video Samba Sim). In 2005, he co-directed the feature documentary Ginga – A alma do futebol brasileiro, distributed by Paramount. In 2006, he directed the documentary Pure Spirit of Brasil, aired internationally; in 2007, the documentary Oscar Niemeyer – O Arquiteto da Invenção, on GNT channel; in 2008, the documentary Viagem ao Anhui – China, on TV Cultura; in 2009, the documentary O Apito do Trem, on the same channel. He also directed the musical 300 Anos de Piano for the Selo SESC label. In 2011, he made the documentary O Sarau, and in 2012 he made the award-winning, internationally distributed feature music documentary Tropicália. In 2013, he made Olhar, Pensar, Aprender, for SESC TV, and Trilhos da Memória.