Paik moved to Japan when he was 18, and later graduated there from the University of Tokyo with a degree in the history of art and music. He completed his studies at the University of Munich, Germany, where he began to elaborate his first pieces, which at the time he already labeled "multimedia", and where he united music, performance and tv monitors. Near the end of the 50’s he met John Cage and participates in the artistic movement known as Fluxus, through which, in ‘63, he presents his first exhibition using tv monitors at the Parnass Gallery in Wuppertal. The research he undertook in the 60’s using electronics, electromagnets, video and music ratifies him as the fore-runner and principal exponent of video-art. At the end of the 60’s his work already manifests itself in various forms - performances, videos, installations and video-sculptures. In the 70’s his work acquires further renown and he is recognized as the creator of a new artistic expression, which gains supporters and establishes itself as a new art academe. In the 80’s he confirms his pioneerism by broadcasting the first video transmission via satellite of his film Good Morning Mr. Orwel and in ‘87 is elected member of the Akademie dert Kunste in Berlin.