Giselle Beiguelman is an artist, researcher, curator and professor. Her work includes interventions in public spaces, network projects and mobile apps. Her artistic and investigative practice is based on a critical approach towards digital media and their information systems. Beiguelman is a professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP), where she specializes in digital art conservation, intangible heritage, and interface design. She holds a PhD in Social History from the University of São Paulo. She also does work on the aesthetics of memory, and has organized exhibitions including Memória da Amnesia, at the Municipal Archive (São Paulo, 2015), where she explored what she terms the “politics of oblivion” in connection with São Paulo city landmarks. In 2016, her work was featured in the solo show Cinema Lascado, at Caixa Cultural (São Paulo). Group exhibits include Unplace, at Fundação Calouste Gulbekian (Lisboa, 2015); the 3nd Bahia Biennale, at Arquivo Histórico do Estado da Bahia (Salvador, 2014); The Algorithmic Revolution, at the ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany, 2004-2008) and NET_Condition, also at the ZKM (1999-2000). Giselle Beiguelman lives and works in São Paulo.