The Cuban-American Coco Fusco is the author of performances, videos, installations, and essays that deal with the less obvious aspects of culture clash. Director Wagner Morales borrows elements from Fusco's work, excerpts from her stay in São Paulo - where she was invited to present at the 15th Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival in 2005 -, and prosaic fragments from her daily New York life to provide the viewer with an introduction to her complex universe of artistic theory and practice. Throughout the film, the artist revisits her career as a teacher, activist, performer, and researcher and reflects upon a personal history marked by tension between cultures - first felt in childhood, when she tasted the sense of superiority her mastery of English gave her over her cousins raised in Cuba. Fusco also comments on her most important works, such as Bare Life Study # 1, a performance dealing with the issue of torture by American soldiers staged outside the U.S. Consulate General in São Paulo; and a/k/a Mrs. George Gilbert (2004), a video inspired by the black leader Angela Davis.

The work is part of Videobrasil Authors Collection series. Further info on this project in our website.