Hans Geert Falkenberg | 11st Festival

Hans Falkenberg discusses the Input 98 project, a non-profit organization whose goal is to publicize independent productions via a public television channel


Michael Mazière | 11st Festival

In the interview, British curator Michael Mazière discusses the new generation of video artists, whose works started being shown at galleries and museums, rather than on television, as was the case during the 1980s


Rob Rombout | 10th Festival

The Netherlands’ Rob Rombout expounds on his reasons for making documentaries. More than portraying facts, his intention is to put forth a poetic view of reality, to convert the ordinary into extraordinary


Marcelo Tas | 9th Festival

“Reality does not exist,” in the words of Marcelo Tas. According to the artist, reality is always manipulated whenever one is working with television


Eduardo Coutinho | 9th Festival

The filmmaker presents his perspectives on video and documentary in Brazil, discusses the notion of authorship, and television productions


Amaral Netto | 9th Festival

Amaral Netto discusses the independent news report produced for TV, and the notion of truth in the reporter’s work


Sandra Kogut | 8th Festival

“30 seconds of fame” is the period of time people can enjoy in front of the camera set on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the artist Sandra Kogut explains in 1990


Jean-Marie Duhard | 8th Festival

The curator explains the role of the independent producer in France as a sort of middleman between the artist and television, and lists the difficulties encountered on publicizing video in the country


Fernando Barbosa Lima | 8th Festival

The TV director discusses the first independent productions featured on Brazilian television, highlighting the role of the Repórter Esso program, aired on TV Tupi prior to the ‘iron years’


November 14, 1990 | 8th Festival

On its final day, Videojornal collected statements from artists and curators on the South-North relationship, including the Dutch Tom van Vliet, then director of the World Wide Video Festival

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