30 YEARS: Sandra Kogut | 18th Festival

The artist, who won a prize at the 1996 Fesetival, reminisces on the early days of video in Brazil, in the 1980s, and discusses the role of Videobrasil, and the opportunity to create a piece of work at the Montbéliard Festival in 1989


O Gabinete de Chico, by Chelpa Ferro | 12nd Festival

This performance, presented in 1998, combines electronic image projections edited on the fly and a musical performance involving conventional instruments and noisy objects, like an orange squeezer and door bells


30 YEARS: Marcelo Tas | 18th Festival

In the early 1980s, no one had a camera in their hand, only television, Marcelo Tas explains it. Invading the programming of TV channels was one of the goals of the production company Olhar Eletrônico, of which Tas was a part


30 YEARS: Walter Silveira | 18th Festival

Walter Silveira, one of the founders of TVDO, a pioneering video company in Brazil, reveals how he conceived the piece VT Preparado, inspired by John Cage and Augusto de Campos. The piece won a prize at the 4th Festival


30 YEARS: Tadeu Jungle | 18th Festival

Tadeu Jungle tells of what the emergence of Videobrasil represented in the 1980s, and talks about his participation in the Festival with Herois da Decadên(s)ia, which won a prize at the fifth edition, in 1987


30 YEARS: Marcelo Machado | 18th Festival

The director Marcelo Machado recounts the beginnings of production company Olhar Eletrônico, whose pioneering work in the 1980s gave voice to common citizens, something then unheard of in Brazilian TV news programs


30 YEARS: José Celso Martinez Corrêa | 18th Festival

The theater director José Celso Martinez reminisces on the work of group Uzina Uzona in the 1980s, as they appropriated the new language of video to express themselves amidst the dying breaths of the dictatorship regime


30 YEARS: Fernando Meirelles | 18th Festival

The director Fernando Meirelles revisits the early years of his production with the company Olhar Eletrônico, in the 1980s, when both video and the Festival were in their beginnings