Inês Cardoso | 11st Festival

The guest artist to the 11th edition, in 1996, Inês Cardoso discusses her video installation Daragoy, in which she exposes her own image based on the notions of affection, female hysteria, existence, and death


Guillermo Cifuentes e Marcello Mercado | 11st Festival

The interview with the artists, made in 1996 on occasion of their participation in the competitive show, addresses the possibilities for making video art in Latin America


Hans Geert Falkenberg | 11st Festival

Hans Falkenberg discusses the Input 98 project, a non-profit organization whose goal is to publicize independent productions via a public television channel


Michael Mazière | 11st Festival

In the interview, British curator Michael Mazière discusses the new generation of video artists, whose works started being shown at galleries and museums, rather than on television, as was the case during the 1980s


Akram Zaatari | 11st Festival

Interview with the Lebanese artist shortlisted for the 1996 competitive show. Zaatari explains the use of images in different contexts in his work, and elaborates on the conditions for production in Lebanon


Solange Farkas on Metropolis | 11th Festival

In an interview to TV Cultura, the Festival director breaks out the news on the 1996 edition, including the e-catalog, the Phot-in-progress show, and the daily performance programming

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Video Opera for Paik, by Steina Vasulka and Stephen Vitiello | 11th Festival

A visual and musical tribute to Nam June Paik, paid by Stenia Vasulka and Stephen Vitiello in 1996, based on the master’s works


Poesia é risco, by Augusto de Campo, Cid Campos and Walter Silveira | 11th Festival

Created in 1996, the "verbivocovisual event", as described by the authors, mixed poetry, electronic music, singing, and video footage