Pierre Bongiovanni | 18th Festival

A Festival collaborator since 1990, the French curator makes a statement on occasion of the event’s 30th anniversary celebrations


Behind the scenes | 8th Festival

The Behind the Scenes features of the 8th edition gave an overview of the Festival’s 1990 program, which ushered in a new phase of internationalization of video in the country, now that the medium was consolidated.

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November 14, 1990 | 8th Festival

On its final day, Videojornal collected statements from artists and curators on the South-North relationship, including the Dutch Tom van Vliet, then director of the World Wide Video Festival

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November 12, 1990 | 8th Festival

On its 4th day, Videojornal featured audience impressions of competitive show videos, and international guests, including the curator Pierre Bongiovanni

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September 29, 1989 | 7th Festival

The 4th day of Videojornal focused on side events, featuring footage of the video installations and the French show highlights, Marcelo Machado introduced the international guests at the Meeting

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