First open meeting of the 3rd Festival, held at MIS-SP | October 22, 1985

Presenters: Marcos Gaiarsa and Thomas Farkas | Mediator: Ivan Ísola (MIS-SP director) | Debaters: Walter Clark (TV producer), Rubens Naves (attorney), Marcelo Machado (Olhar Eletrônico)

The meetings, held over the course of three days during the Festival, focused on devising policies for concession of democratic TV channels, targeting the creation of a free antenna in the city of São Paulo. The theme of the first meeting was the possibility of an open channel, which should be a right of everyone. One of the propositions was to establish a cooperative UHF channel. Other issues discussed included a claim for an independent production space on the RTC network, and an anti-trust law. The backdrop was the renewal of the country, which was about to draft a new constitution; the legislative issue was key and should come first.