The Cameroonian curator explains her own conception of “South” as featured in the Southern Panoramas competitive show. According to her, the most important thing about it is to elicit stronger ties between the different regions contained in the area, by recognizing affinities that can emphasize local singularities. As a provocation, she says Brazil must recognize itself as an African country, an element kept at bay throughout its Euro-centered modernization process. She also questions a few commonplace assumptions of supposed “non-Western” contemporary art, like African, Latin American, and Southeast Asian art, whereby subjects such as Identity and its conceptual peer, Territory, are overemphasized. She comments on the collapse of art and culture promotion institutions in 1980s Africa, and their recent resumption by a new generation of artists and curators, over the past 15 years. She also discusses the criteria that drove her choices as a juror at the 18th Festival.