FEDERICO LAMAS (1979) is a visual artist graduated in design from the University of Buenos Aires. He works with video, drawing, publications and installation. His work explores the limits of the technical possibilities of materials and media, aiming at visual results capable of sensitizing indifferent gazes. He has taken part in exhibitions, residency programs, film festivals and literary festivals in Argentina, Czech Republic, Mexico, Germany and Brazil, among other countries. He has books published in Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia.

In the installation NOO (2019), the artist asks: Why do zoos exist? Can they currently be justified in terms of science or entertainment? And what to do with wild animals, endangered and kept in captivity? This diptych videozine collects and interferes with images of caged animals to show the solitude and abandonment of this institution, whose pertinence is also discussed by zoo keepers. Between the images appear intertitles similar to those of silent movies, a suggestion that zoos are already, to some extent, part of the past. The installation is complemented by fanzines published by the artist that dialogue with the video.