The relationship between Australian artist Shaun Gladwell (Sydney, 1972) and Videobrasil dates back to 2007. Two of his works are part of the Videobrasil collection. He featured in the competitive show of the 16th Festival, with his video piece Busan Triptych: Calligraphy & Slowburn (2006); in that same edition, his Kickflipper: Fragments Edit (2003) was selected for the Australian program Panoramas of the Imagination by curator David Cranswick. His relationship with São Paulo, in turn, dates back longer: in 2006, he accepted an invitation to participate at the 27th Bienal de São Paulo with his installation Double Voyage, specifically commissioned for the occasion.

The acknowledged visibility of his strong work is there from the start: hypnotizing images of bodies in motion, captured with slow motion and stationary camera. His parallel experience with radical urban sports maneuvers places us in direct contact with the vibration of a pulse that is shared by the practices of his personal life and artistic career: skateboard, motorbike cross, antigravity exercises, break dancing, surfing on Bondi Beach. Light yet enigmatic, captivating gestures and images that are turned into provisional sculptures, photographs, moving paintings-graffiti, and performances. His videos, some made in collaboration with friends, deal with the reunion of technical mastery and the extreme movement—bodies in motion—of extreme sports.

Gladwell's work is part of the Cidade infinita (Infinite city) program, whose thematic ground zero is the city. The series also features the work of the Brazilian Letícia Ramos, in an already published Dossier, and of the Argentinean Sebastian Diaz Morales, who wraps up the program.

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