A crow. A pretty Asian-featured girl smiling. An amusement park toy formerly known as the “Mexican hat.” A plastic bag floating through the streets. A man facing the ocean, paying attention to its sound. An eclipsed sun… A large monument-cum-ground zero stranded amidst the public urban space. While still under the inspiring effects of Sebastian Diaz Morales’ strong images in Oracle (2009), which was awarded an honorable mention at the 17th Videobrasil, I wrap up this third and last commented selection for FF>>DOSSIER. 

With vigorous meaning, Oracle takes on the city and its ceaseless metabolizing of images stored in scattered memories and forgotten ideas. Upon synchronizing them by splitting two channels, just as if in a Gothic tale, the Argentinean-born, Amsterdam-based artist Diaz Morales imprisons, identically and side by side, the moment (time) and the place (space) in the past and in the future. 

The online curatorial format experimented with in Cidade infinita expresses intentions of critically reviewing specific works which were shown in recent editions of the Festival, and that are part of the collection of Associação Cultural Videobrasil. The program also includes works by Letícia Ramos (dossier 050) and Shaun Gladwell (dossier 051).

Further info on this artist available at the collection