In between the ironic narrative of A paixão segundo Bruce, awarded at the 7th Videobrasil, 1989, and the installation Tríptico: estudo para auto-retrato 1, which garnered the Le Fresnoy Audiovisual Creation Award - France at the 15th Videobrasil, 2005, the artist Luiz Duva has carved out his own unique path, marked by his desire to push the boundaries of audiovisual, and by a quest for new ways of providing electronic images with meaning. A new issue in a series dedicated to the creators awarded at the 15th Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, this edition of FF>>Dossier speaks of the artist's accomplishments in the fields of image and performance, of his thematic connection to the body, and of his penchant for research, which places him at the center of the movement awarded by the Contemporary Investigations axis of the 15th Videobrasil competitive exhibition. 

In the essay, researcher and curator Christine Mello, the holder of a doctor's degree in communication and semiotics from PUC-SP, reviews fundamental aspects of Duva's work, which she included in the collective exhibitions Vorazes, Grotescos e Malvados (Paço das Artes, 2005) and Imagem não Imagem (Galeria Vermelho, 2003).

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