Alice Miceli is a researcher of image. Although her main instrument of investigation is a video camera, she does not dispose of manipulating documents taken from archives, or even the creation of new devices for recording and playback, in order to arrive at what she calls “specific image.” Her work sets out to revise the way people relate to images, which, according to her, must be “experienced” by viewers.

With an interest in the meanings inherent to media and documental production, Alice Miceli seeks to resignify facts and to reread images that represent extreme situations, of tragic proportions, which have been banalized and erased from recent social memory, as she always adds to them a personal reflection and layers of content, which become imprinted in the final image.

Her political stance and her interest in history do not imply that what she does is information art. Rather, it is the opposite. According to Giselle Beiguelman, author of the Essay on Miceli’s work, she deals with poetics that lies in the realm of the “unportrayable” and rethinks our strategies for dealing with memory.

Alice will open the Identidade/Alteridade [Identity/alterity] series, a curatorship of FF>>Dossier focusing on poetics that is structured around dialogues between artists and the world. Often using strategies for documenting reality, the works reviewed in the present edition push the boundaries of contemporary identity, and rethink the narrative possibilities of discourse about the other.

Still at an early stage of her career, Alice Miceli has a repertoire that addresses with authority the expansion and convergence of cinema, contemporary art, and video, thus anticipating the theme of the 16th SESC Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival.

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