As the storytellers that they acknowledge themselves to be, Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg draw their narrative from the exchange of experiences. With each work, a new story is woven, not based on the testimony of events that occur in the places they went to, but rather on the account of experiences lived in encounters with others. In exercises of translation and mediation of the world, not only do they invent points of view, but also new codes for communicable experiences, thus unfolding and providing density to their narrative possibilities. Therefore, in the oeuvre of Dias & Riedweg, the narrator is not the author, but rather a much more complex, collectively built apparatus. The narrator is the very device invented to tell a story, a device that changes with each new experience.

The duo of artists integrates the Identidade/Alteridade [Identity/alterity] series, a curatorial framework of FF>>Dossier aimed at researching poetics that is structured around dialogues between artists and the world. Based on the premise that words are unable to convey the entirety of experience, Dias & Riedweg’s relational devices seek new levels of conversation. The interview, a resource commonly used by documentary filmmakers for approaching the other, is replaced by works using audio, touch, smell, etc., designed to “break the choreography of everyday life,” to recover the breadth of the narrated fact, and to tell parallel stories.

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