Brasília, DF, 1982

He holds a degree in visual arts from the Federal University of Goiás. His works takes the body as a central element, representing black bodies in different stories and structures, making references to the African religions. Exhibitions: 32nd São Paulo Biennial (2016); Instituto Superior de Arte de Havana (2016); Bispo do Rosário Museum (Rio de Janeiro, 2016); Tomie Ohtake Institute (São Paulo, 2014). He lives and works in Goiânia.

Blindfolded, wearing beige boots and brown suit pants, the artist holds a wooden baton with which he attempts to hit a women’s purse that hangs over his head like a piñata, until he gets tired and leaves the frame. The performatic reinterpretation of the act of “bater bolsa” [in Portuguese, a wordplay with the term “pickpocketing”] denounces the inappropriate and violent association of the image of a black, poor child to the figure of the street hustler (a prejudice the artist himself suffered as a child), while exposing the social codes and roles involved in this association.