São Paulo, SP, 1967

Visual artist, researcher, and educator, she holds a PhD in visual arts from the University of São Paulo, specializing in engraving at the London Print Studio. Her work mainly concerns the status of black women in society. Exhibitions: Goodman Gallery (Cape Town, 2017); Galeria Superfície (São Paulo, 2016); Galería Fernando Pradilla (Madrid, 2016); Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo (2015); Espace Culturel Fort Griffon (Besançon, 2014). She lives and works in São Paulo.

In her investigation, Rosana Paulino dives deep into the history of African descendants in Brazil, bringing into light the sensory memory of a painful past. In the series Proteção extrema contra a dor e o sofrimento, female figures, naked and trapped, sexualized and objectified, find in the weep a protective blanket. In Tecido social, Paulino confronts the fabric’s metaphorical and material aspects through poorly made and worn out stitches, establishing a state of incommunicability between the pictorial elements in the images, which dissolve ideas of sociability as pacific coexistence and of nation as a homogeneous unity.