with Ana Lira and Dalton Paula
moderated by Daniel Lima
AUG 31 (Thursday), 7–10 p.m.

Debate with Ana Lira and Dalton Paula moderated by Daniel Lima.

with Claudinei Roberto, DJ Eugênio Lima and Grupo Legítima Defesa
moderated by Daniel Lima
SEP 16 (Saturday), 2–6 p.m.

ZAP – Zona Autônoma da Palavra (Autonomous Word Zone) gathers poets, MCs, and writers in a monthly spoken word competition. The jury, composed of the public, chooses the best slammer, a competing poet who competes for the prize of poet of the year.
The program features a musical performance with DJ Eugênio Lima; debates with Claudinei Roberto and guests, moderated by Daniel Lima; e a participation of Grupo Legítima Defesa [Self-Defense Group].

with Moisés Patrício, Frente 3 de Fevereiro and Afro-T
moderated by Daniel Lima
OCT 14 (Saturday), 2–6 p.m.

AfroTranscendence was born in 2015 as an immersion program in creative processes to promote the contemporary Afro-Brazilian culture, constantly experimenting to create a space and a concept in transit to immerse themselves between times.
The program features a musical performance; a debate with Moisés Patrício and Frente 3 de Fevereiro, moderated by Daniel Lima; and a round table with Afro-T.

with Jaime Lauriano and Thiago de Paula
moderated by Daniel Lima
NOV 16 (Saturday), 2–6 p.m.

Explode! is a platform that researches and experiments notions of gender, race, and class based on artistic and cultural practices socially understood as peripheral, crossing the fields of pedagogy and social justice. With a national and international network of collaborators, it is represented by the artists, researchers, and curators Cláudio Bueno and João Simões.
The program features a debate with Jaime Lauriano and Thiago de Paula, moderated by Daniel Lima.

VCA Abdoulaye Konaté
DEC 16 (Saturday), 3–6 p.m.

Exhibition of the documentary included in the title to be released by the Videobrasil Authors Collection label, showing the ideas and the work process of prominent contemporary artists in the international art scene.