The Southern Hemisphere Competitive Exhibition intends to promote a panel with experimental videoproduction in the last two years. The works which were closer to the poetry theme have been selected, and these theme suggested for this edition-from videopoems in the original state to works that somehow involve poetry; the aesthetics and formal aspects have been evalueted, as well as the mastership and exploitation of the videos specificities as a means and, eventually, the quality of the images presented.

A total of 239 videos signed up for the exhibition and the 37 selected videos- from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguai- are being submitted to the international jury. Other countries from South America and also from from Africa and Oceania have signed up for it, in addition to the videos sent from the Northern Hemisphere which could not participate . The great mojority of the selected works relates to videoarts, the documentaries and animations/ computer arts are well- represented and few fictions complete the list of competing videos.

Selected artists

Selected works


Jury members

Trophy design

The Videobrasil Trophy (Troféu Videobrasil), after nine competitive exhibitions, has ultimately assumed it's shape. The festival mark, created by Kiko Farkas in 1990, brings up the interaction concept between the Southern (competing videos) and Northern (guest artists) hemispheres, and the trophy by the sculptor Kimi Nii is the threedimensionalization of this mark in a ceramic work. Kimi was born in Hiroshima but lives in São Paulo since many years, where she is a well-known artist - she has already performed nine individual exhibits - and is respected for her work as a cermist.