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posted on 07/01/2012
Scholarships and festivals for artists and researchers

+ Founded in 1959 by a group of researchers in anthropology, sociology, and ethnology, the Italian Festival dei Popoli focuses on the documentary genre aiming to promote sociocultural research in all regions of the world. Characterized by the range of its geographical representation, the festival receives proposals until July 30.

+ Creative Encounters, held by the ANA – Arts Network Asia independent association, promotes partnerships between Asia and Europe. The project provides funding to programs focused on cultural dialogue between the continents. The deadline for project submission is July 31 and preselection will continue until August 31.

+ Up until August 20, Slovenia’s K.A.I.R, Kosice Artist in Residence, will select artists of all languages and nationalities. It is a good opportunity for research and exchange in a region which has been changing rapidly ever since the change in economic model.

+ Focusing on the creative process and on improvisation rather than on the end result, the program Research into the Unknown, promoted by the Workshop Foundation, in Budapest, Hungary, is selecting dance and performance artists for residencies lasting approximately two months. Deadline is August 22.