Jarman from Julien's perspective

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posted on 11/27/2012
Sixth episode focuses on the English filmmake

Isaac Julien: Geopoetics, a new series of the Videobrasil on TV program, will feature seven of the artist’s key films on SESCTV, from the seminal Territories (1983) to Derek (2008), paying tribute to this founding father of British independent cinema. In exclusive statements to the program, Isaac Julien comments on the featured films and discusses their main issues.

Episode 6 | Contemporary memories

Filmmaker, painter, writer, and gay activist Derek Jarman (1942-1994) was one of Britain’s most original artists ever. An underground hero who reacted to the Thatcher era with iconoclastic art, Jarman made a painter’s cinema, creating vibrant assemblages of images and ideas. A 1991 interview shot as Jarman faced imminent death is the core of this documentary-tribute, alongside the melancholy and fun Letter to an angel, written by Tilda Swinton, a friend and collaborator of Jarman’s.