Videobrasil at festivals in Portugal and Indonesia

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posted on 07/16/2013
Programs curated by Solange Farkas feature Videobrasil Collection works

International video art festivals FUSO (Portugal) and OK. Video (Indonesia) both feature Videobrasil Collection pieces in shows curated by Solange Farkas. The director-general and curator of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, Solange will introduce Portuguese and Indonesian audiences to samples of Southern contemporary art production shown in the past two editions of the Videobrasil Festival.

FUSO - Anual de Vídeo Arte Internacional de Lisboa 2013

From 8.20 to 8.25, the fourth edition of FUSO - Anual de Vídeo Arte Internacional de Lisboa 2013 - will occupy various open-air locations in the Portuguese capital featuring work by native and foreign videomakers, under the theme "video art in Lisbon terraces and gardens.”

Artwork by Portuguese artists (or foreigners residing in Portugal) selected by Jacinto Lageira via an open call will be on show. A jury will pick the best video at the end of the festival, and audiences will also be invited to vote on shortlisted videos during a public screening at Praça do Carvão on 8.21.

Guest-curated shows will also feature at different spots in the city, such as collective show Outras Paisagens _ América Latina em Foco, by Solange Farkas, at Museu do Chiado on 8.23, presented by Thereza Farkas. The program includes work by artists Andrés Denegri (Argentina), Cao Guimarães (Brazil), Eder Santos (Brazil), Federico Lamas (Argentina), Gabriel Acevedo Velarde (Peru), Gustavo Galuppo (Argentina), Jorge Alban Dobles (Costa Rica), Marcellvs L. (Brazil), Octavio Iturbe (Mexico), Roberto Bellini (Brazil) and Silvia Rivas (Argentina). The remaining programs will be curated by Jean-François Chougnet, Lori Zippay, Pilar Simon Ribal, Anne Marie Duguet, Susana Pomba, and Isabel Nogueira.


MUSLIHAT OK. Video – 6th Jakarta International Video Festival

Based in Jakarta (Indonesia) since 2003, the OK. Video - Jakarta International Video Festival é is a biennial video festival created by the local artist collective Ruangrupa, which focuses on audio visual projects relating to social and cultural phenomena from Indonesia and the world over.

With each edition, a theme is proposed which connects shows by guest curators and works shortlisted from an open call (which will continue until 7.10). The theme for the sixth edition, due from 9.5 to 9.15, is deception, analogous to the term "muslihat," which means "effort," "trick," "tactic" or "ploy" in Indonesian. It is a representation of the contemporary trend of popular (re)appropriation of technology, an example of which are Chinese electronics that meet local demands, gamer-modified videogames, the "scratch" culture of video, and many other manifestations.

From 9.7 to 9.14, a show curated by Solange Farkas will take up a room at Jakarta’s Kineforum movie theater complex. Further details will be released soon on our News page.