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posted on 09/27/2013
Meet the Sesc Pompeia, Festival's headquarter for over 20 years

Headquarters of the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil since 1992, the Sesc Pompeia is not only a center of social gathering and artistic enjoyment, but it is also an architectural landmark of São Paulo city. Occupied by SESC - the Social Service of Commerce since the early 70's the place originally housed a factory of industrial metal barrels.

Opened in 1982 as a cultural center, Sesc Pompeia had its three decades of revitalization - and human occupation - celebrated in shows and book produced by Sesc. The project that renewed that space, authored by architect Lina Bo Bardi causes an impression by its unique union of formal precision and organicity, of boldness and adaptation to human presence.

In 2013, when the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil celebrates its 30 years, the venue houses two important segments of the event: in the former warehouse located next to the entrance of the sports complex, a large installation entitled 30 Years rescues this history, and on the second floor the sports gymnasium building, the Southern Panoramas competitive show presents highlights of contemporary artistic production from the world's geopolitical South.

Learn more about Sesc Pompeia history and the celebrations promoted by Sesc in articles published on the website of the institution (portuguese only).

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