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New videos available on Channel VB

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posted on 10/22/2013
Statements from Fernando Meirelles, Walter Silveira, Tadeu Jungle, Marcelo Machado and Zé Celso rememorate the space created by Videobrasil

New statements are available on Channel VB, the new platform for activating the memory of Videobrasil. Fernando Meirelles, Walter Silveira, Tadeu Jungle, Marcelo Machado, Zé Celso, Goulart de Andrade and Marcelo Tas, who have recently kicked off the 18th Sesc_Videobrasil program with a series of meetings titled Counter-TV, discuss their early works in the light of the space brought about by the first editions of the Festival.

"It seems as if we began to exist from that moment on,” says Fernando Meirelles as he reminisces on the Festival’s crucial role in the emergence of a local video artist scene, represented by the groups Olhar Eletrônico (which he comprised alongside Marcelo Tas and Marcelo Machado, among others) and TVDO (featuring Tadeu Jungle and Walter Silveira). The birth of that artistic movement alongside Videobrasil is also discussed in statements from Tadeu Jungle and Walter Silveira, where they describe the creation and repercussion of winning works from the Festival’s early editions.

Boasting "a different attitude that TV and TV newscasts did not possess,” in the words of Marcelo Machado, these artists revolutionized television language, during the country’s troublesome re-democratization process. Zé Celso recalls that he bought a piece of video equipment from Meirelles, and it extended the subversive power of the Uzyna Uzona’s collective into video language, giving rise to works like Caderneta de campo.

These videos are a part of the 2013 season of the series Videobrasil on TV, celebrating Videobrasil’s 30th anniversary. The program will air starting on 11.18 on the Sesc TV channel.

Watch these and other videos on the Channel VB page.