• Gabriela Salgado, participante do encontro A “transnacionalidade” como horizonte

    Gabriela Salgado, participante do encontro A “transnacionalidade” como horizonte

  • Ika Sienkiewicz, participante do encontro A “transnacionalidade” como horizonte

    Ika Sienkiewicz, participante do encontro A “transnacionalidade” como horizonte

  • Mario Caro, participante do encontro A “transnacionalidade” como horizonte

    Mario Caro, participante do encontro A “transnacionalidade” como horizonte

Public Programs discuss transnationality and mobility

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posted on 11/09/2013
International guests review the geopolitical models that permeate artistic and curating practices

On 11.10, two activities of the 18th Festival Public Programs series focused on transnationality and mobility in the international contemporary art scenario, in a context of economic globalization that arose in the 1980s.

In Hospitality and policies of mobility, Aaron Cezar, Annalee Davis and Koyo Kouoh review hospitality as a form of political action, amidst the strengthening of differentiation processes and the closing of geopolitical borders, mediated by Amílcar Packer. What values permeate hospitality? How does art research in displacement interferes with the spaces and agents that deal with the permeability of current borders?

The following meeting, "Transnationality" as horizon, approaches the notion of "transnational networks "that permeates contemporary art and curating practices, questioning the artist residency models based on identity matrices and national representations. The panel features mesa Gabriela Salgado, Ika Sienkiewicz and Mario Caro, and is mediated by Sabrina Moura.

Both activities are part of the Residencies and Routes to Art Research, the third focus of the Public Programs of the 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil. Click here to find out more about the different focuses of the Public Programs and schedule the upcoming activities of the Festival.

About the participants:

Aaron Cezar (Mamou, USA, 1977) Dancer and cultural producer. Director of the Delfina Foundation, dedicated to cultural exchange between the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Africa.

Amilcar Packer (Santiago do Chile, 1974) Artist whose practice displaces, subverts and re-contextualizes objects from daily life, architecture, and the human body, in actions and recordings. He has featured in the Biennale of Sydney (2004).

Annalee Davis (St. Michael, Barbados, 1963) Artist. Straddling the realms of painting, engraving, and installation, her work examines her country’s transformation from cane farming land into tourist destination.

Koyo Kouoh (Douala, Cameroon, 1967) Curator. Founder and director of the RAW Material Company, an art center in Dakar, Senegal. She has curated international contemporary African art shows.

Gabriela Salgado (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Curator and master of contemporary art curating. Former Public Programs curator at the Tate Modern (2006/2011) and co-curator of the 2nd Biennial of Thessaly, Greece.

Ika Sienkiewicz (Warsaw, Poland, 1977) Curator and cultural manager. While heading the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) Ujazdowski Castle, in Prague, she founded the A-I-R Laboratory, Poland’s first artist residency program.

Mario Caro (Bogota, Colombia, 1962) Contemporary art researcher, curator and critic. President of Res Artis, an international artist residency network.

Sabrina Moura (Natal, Brazil, 1979) Curator, researcher and historian, and holder of a master’s in cultural project direction from the University Paris III –Sorbonne Nouvelle. Public Programs curator for the 18th Festival.


Hospitality and policies of mobility
11.10, 11:00 am — Sesc Pompeia / Warehouse
With Aaron Cezar, Annalee Davis and Koyo Kouoh
Mediator: Amilcar Packer

“Transnationality” as horizon
11.10, 2:00 pm — Sesc Pompeia / Warehouse
With Gabriela Salgado, Ika Sienkiewicz and Mario Caro
Mediator: Sabrina Moura


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