Videobrasil on TV: new season

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posted on 11/14/2013
Broadcast from next Monday, the 18th, series tackles the 30 years legacy of the Festival, and issues raised by the Southern Panoramas show

In its 18th edition, Videobrasil will expand its program into Sesc TV once again, reverberating contemporary art productions among different audiences. The new season of the Videobrasil on TV series explores themes of the 18th Festival. The first few programs cover the changes undergone by Videobrasil and the art scene in the last thirty years, locating the Festival’s dialogue with different artistic, aesthetical, social and political contexts, in the light of the present time. The final programs shed light on issues arising from the Southern Panoramas show.

November 18 to December 30 / Sesc TV /

Independent production: television and political opening | The program tackles the issues that motivated the Festival’s emergence, in the context of early independent video productions, political opening, the end of military dictatorship in Brazil, and the desire to provide visibility to social, political and cultural themes. | Nov 18, Monday, 11:00 pm

Video: languages, technologies and new possibilities | The program outlines a portrait of the early 1980s Brazilian video scene, a time when the medium started becoming popular. How video was absorbed by independent artists and producers with the purpose of building new aesthetics for image in motion. | 11.25, Monday, 11:00 pm

Internationalization: visions of the South | The Festival’s internationalization process and the choosing of the geopolitical South as its structuring axis are the themes of this program, which shows how the event became a place for exchange between artists, scholars, and curators, and a platform for launching and inserting art production from its target region. | Dec 2, Monday, 11:00 pm

Expanded circuits | Over the last thirty years, video and image in motion took up new places, establishing dialogues with both the visual arts and cinema. The program portrays the Festival’s gradual opening up to other artistic languages, consolidating its presence in the contemporary art circuit. | Dec 9, Monday, 11:00 pm

Southern Panoramas: nature and space, reconfigurations of the gaze | The first of three programs focusing on the Southern Panoramas show addresses different ways in which artists and their works articulate the idea of space, exploring themes such as nature, the urban space, architecture, global mobility and ties of belonging. | Dec 16, Monday, 11:00 pm

Southern Panoramas: memory, identity and politics |The central issue in contemporary times, the memory turns into a conflicted territory as countless symbolic circulation systems operate in constructing and reconstructing our recollections. The program addresses works that explore the relationship between memory, identity and tension between local and global. | Dec 23, Monday, 11:00 pm

Southern Panoramas: contemporary collective imaginations | How does the intense mediatization of daily life affect the formalization of artwork? The program features artists whose strategy consists of appropriating and re-signifying media elements, rethinking our subjectivation processes through dialogue with mass communication and social networks. | Dec 30, Monday, 11:00 pm

From November 18th to December 30th, on Mondays at 11 pm.
On SescTV, and Canal VB, in the day after the TV broadcast