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posted on 11/27/2013
Third episode explores the choice of the geopolitical South for the Festival’s structural axis

This Monday, 12.2 at 11:00 pm, SescTV will air the third episode in the series Videobrasil on TV, which covers the 30-year legacy of the 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, as well as other issues raised by the Southern Panoramas show. Following their screening on Sesc’s channel, the videos are made available on Channel VB.

Themed “Internationalization: views of the South,” this episode sets out to explore the Festival’s internationalization process and the choice of the geopolitical South to be its structural axis. The event has since become a place for exchange between artists, scholars, and curators, and a platform for the launch and insertion of art productions from this region.

People who were a part of the history of Videobrasil, such as the curators Jorge la Ferla, Chris Mello, Giselle Beiguelman, and the critic Arlindo Machado, discuss the history of the Festival, highlighting moments of change, as when it ceased to be an event focusing solely on video to become an electronic art festival, and later embracing all contemporary art languages. The artists Lucas Bambozzi, Eder Santos, Kiko Goifman, Sandra Kogut and Carlos Nader are also featured in the episode, discussing the need that existed in the 1980 for a platform that could accommodate video productions in Brazil, and the impact of the Festival’s internationalization on artwork creation. Solange Farkas, the curator, founder, and director of Videobrasil, reflects about the choosing of the geopolitical south of the globe to be the focus of the festival, and reminisces on pivotal moments that have caused the organization to head in this direction.

The series, comprising seven episodes, debuted on 11.18 and will air up until 12.30 on channel SescTV, every Monday at 11:00 pm. Watch the full program.

Also watch the programs Independent Production: Television and political opening and The early years of video: Language and technology, both available on Channel VB.

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Videobrasil on TV | 18th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil
Episode “Expanded Circuits”
12.9 (Monday), 11:00 pm on SescTV (Sky, channel 3; NET, channel 137; Oi TV, channel 29; or check with your operator)


Directing and Production: Marco Del Fiol & Jasmin Pinho
Consulting: Eduardo de Jesus
Photography Director: Pedro Ionescu Vargas
Art Director: Ana Mara Abreu
Graphic Design: Julio Dui
Direct Sound: Guilherme Shinji Matsumoto
Script: Angélica Reis
Editing: Laura Faerman & Marco Del Fiol
Soundtrack: O Grivo
Assistant Director: Gustavo Almeida
Assistant Producer: Bruna Knabem
Art Assistant: Amanda Antunes