Festival discusses video’s relationship with cinema and the visual arts at Pivô

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posted on 12/10/2013
18th Festival’s Public Programs activity features filmmakers Kiko Goifman and Cao Guimarães and the essayist Ivana Bentes

At an event from the Public Programs of the 18th edition of the Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, Zero strangeness: video in between cinema and the visual arts, the filmmakers Kiko Goifman and Cao Guimarães and the essayist and professor Ivana Bentes will discuss the relationship between the three languages throughout history and within the context of Videobrasil.

The debate will be mediated by Eduardo de Jesus and will take place on December 18, 8:00 pm at Pivô, an association located in São Paulo’s Copan Building and whose purpose is to originate and spread new ideas in the art field. The activity is a part of Focus 6 – Reflections in Displacement, whose events transcend the Festival’s venues and its themes.

Cinema and TV                                        

As it began to spread in Brazil, in the 1970s, video clashed with two established languages. The first one, TV, was regarded as the picture of the establishment. The other was cinema. "The dialogue between cinema and video in Brazil, at first, was less concerned with discussing the aesthetic potential of video or a desire to enhance cinema with the new medium. Rather, it focused on a struggle for legitimization and ‘hierarchy’ on the part of the cinematographic medium, when faced with this new field," says Ivana Bentes.

Video and art

One of the curators of the Festival’s ongoing edition, Eduardo de Jesus explains that in the global scenario, the art-video relationship harks back to the 1920s, when artists used to use video as a means to performance. "Several relationship forms have evolved since," he says, highlighting the "independent cinema of the 1940s and 1960s" as two pivotal moments in this evolution. According to him, the relationship between video and art started out marginally, and over time it evolved into a mutual interaction.

The event on Dec 19, Political implications of memory, has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances involving the guests’ schedules.


Zero strangeness: video in between cinema and the visual arts
with Kiko Goifman, Cao Guimarães and Ivana Bentes
Mediator: Eduardo de Jesus

Dec 18 at 8:00 pm

Pivô | Copan Building, store 54. Avenida Ipiranga, 200
Admittance is free. All ages admitted.