• Pipe Dreams, by Ali Cherri (2012)

    Pipe Dreams, by Ali Cherri (2012)

Brazil in Qatar

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posted on 03/13/2014
Solange Farkas represents Brazil in the celebration of "The Year of Brazil in Qatar" as a special guest in Global Art Forum, Doha, in event which integrates Art Dubai Fair

Solange Farkas, founder, curator and general director of Associação Cultural Videobrasil participates next Sunday (16th) of the 8th Global Art Forum, in Doha, Qatar. The event integrates Art Dubai's program, the biggest contemporary art fair in the Middle East and one of the most important worldwide, gathering artists, curators and institutions. Under the theme "Meanwhile... History", this year's Global Art Forum is featured in the Year of Brazil in Qatar.

In her presentation, Solange will discuss the relation between Videobrasil and Middle Eastern and North African countries, taking into account the mapping and diffusion of the region's contemporary artists. Among them, Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari, renowned in the contemporary art circuit, whose first participation in Videobrasil Festival was in 1996, afterwards being invited to six more editions, in addition to having curated, alongside Christine Thome, the show Possible Narratives, presenting work by 11 Lebanese artists, in 2003. Since then, 24 Lebanese born artists, including Akram, presented their works on the Festival, as well as other 30 artists from Israel, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Syria and Morocco, all of which integrate the so called geopolitical South, Videobrasil's conceptual standpoint.

On Monday (17th), Solange arrives in Dubai to participate in the fair. The event presents work by more than 500 artists, represented by 84 galleries in 36 countries.