Videobrasil in Delfina Foundation’s autumn schedule

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posted on 11/04/2014
Curator João Laia, from Portugal, presents a video exhibition focusing on subjective experience, identity and desire

From November 12 to November 19, artworks from Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s collection will be featured at the Delfina Foundation in London, United Kingdom. Tales of An Imagined City is a highlight of the autumn schedule of the foundation, a long-standing partner of the Videobrasil Residency Program. The show expands the debate on autonomy, established by Delfina Foundation’s public programs, with works on subjective experience, identity and desire. The artists and artworks that will be exhibited are Taiwan's Hou Chien Cheng (All the Others, 2011), Lebanon's Roy Dib (Objects in Mirror Are Closer than They Appear, 2012), and Brazil’s Jurandir Müller and Kiko Goiffman (Aurora, 2002), and Virgínia de Medeiros (Sergio e Simone2010).

Portugal’s João Laia, a member of the Board of Curators for the upcoming 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil, designed the program by immersing himself in the Videobrasil Collection, that contains approximately 1303 pieces (including videos, video installations and recorded performances), 254 edited recordings and 7 Videobrasil Authors Collection documentaries. All these works are accessible to the public at São Paulo through Video Library, installed in terminals in the Reflection Zone, at the exhibition Unerasable Memories - a historic look at Videobrasil Collection, on display until November 30th at Sesc Pompeia. In the website, you can see the works that are part of the Collection of the Association, and search for works, artists, keywords, regions, techniques, participation in the festival, among others, having the possibility of knowing productions that look to the broad and ambiguous contemporary context of the geopolitical South, which is the focus of the Association. Acesse!

The artwork selection will also result in a new map proposition on PLATFORM:VB, an online experimentation and research tool that enables the cross-referencing of artworks and contents collected by Associação Cultural Videobrasil. The maps on PLATFORM:VB and the hosting of video exhibitions are examples of Associação’s strategies for activating the Videobrasil Collection, relating it to new contexts and broadening public access to contemporary art. The collection currently comprises 1,300-plus works (including videos, video installations and recorded performances) amassed over the past thirty years.

More about the Video Library

This Video Library allows access to approximately 1259 items – including most of the artworks featured in the festivals’ competitive shows, recorded performances and the VAC documentary.series. In all its breadth, the Video Library comprises five major sections: artworks, artists, compilations, recordings and vb productions.. By visiting each of the sections that comprise this digital tool, both specialized researchers and the general public will be able to build their own perspectives. All of the selected contents have been digitalized and formatted for this digital interface, which will go on being fed into by the organization’s continued research, considering the historical perspective afforded by a permanent artwork acquisition and diffusion processes over the course of three-plus decades of existence.


Tales of An Imagined City | Curated by João Laia
November 12 to December 19
29/31 Catherine Place | London, United Kingdom