The artist as debtor

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posted on 01/20/2015
Coco Fusco and Noah Fischer talk about the artist's work in the age of speculative capitalism in an online broadcasted conference on January 23

Next Friday, January 23, artists Coco Fusco and Noah Fischer promote a conference on the current economic disparity in contemporary art: unprecedented profits from sales in the market as opposed to the increasing precarity of museums, art schools and, most importantly, the artist's labor. Coco Fusco is one of the artists participating in Videobrasil Authors Collection series with the documentary film Coco Fusco: I Like Girls in Uniforms (2006), directed by Wagner Morales , and whose artwork is featured in Videobrasil Collection: the recording of the performance Bare Life Study #1, included in Unerasable memories – an historic look at Videobrasil Collection exhibition, traveling to Argentina and Spain in 2015.

The event "The Artist as Debtor: A Conference about the Work of Artists in the Age of Speculative Capitalism" takes place at Cooper Union, and will be streamed via from 1pm (New York City time).

Fusco and Fischer say they hope to involve students, art workers and all those interested in the future of art in an "extended reflection about ways that the art economy extracts financial benefits from artists". The organizers understand the conference as an opportunity to generate a movement to "counter economic inequality in the arts, to gain strength from collective wisdom, and to develop better strategies for responding to situations that make many artists feel powerless."


The Artist as Debtor: A Conference about the Work of Artists in the Age of Speculative Capitalism
January 23 (Friday), from 1pm to 9pm (New York City time)
Cooper Union - Great Hall | 7 East 7th Street, New York, USA
online broadcast via

+ Learn more (complete agenda and list of participants)

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