Transmutation of flesh

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posted on 01/21/2015
Open call for Ayrson Heráclito's performance in Marina Abramovic’s exhibit in São Paulo

Ayrson Heráclito, a regularly featured artist in Videobrasil’s Festivals, Collection, exhibitions and Public Programs, will enact a performance at the opening of Marina Abramovic’s much-awaited Terra Comunal exhibit, on March 10 at Sesc Pompeia, São Paulo. Heráclito, whose work is featured in the exhibition Unerasable memories – a historic look at the Videobrasil Collection, slated to tour Argentina and Spain in 2015, was one of the Brazilian performers Abramovic has selected for her show in Brazil, due to the ritualistic overtones in his work. In Transmutação da Carne, performers dress up in dried meat clothes that get branded with hot iron. The performance lasts around six hours. 

Selection is open for men and women over 18 who conduct research, produce, or are interested in the fields of visual arts, dance, the performing arts, theater and performance. It is desirable for candidates to be in good physical shape. Resumes are to be submitted to with an enclosed photograph and a short letter of intention by February 1st.


February 4 to 6 – individual interviews with all applicants passing the first stage of the selection process
March 2 – mandatory measurements taking at Sesc Pompéia
March 6 or 7 – mandatory costume tryouts at Sesc Pompéia
March 10 – dress rehearsal and enactment of performance during the exhibition’s opening

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