Residency Unlimited accepting entries for artist residency in Wales

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posted on 06/19/2015
Artists can apply or be nominated for a month-long residency in Swansea

Residency Unlimited, a historical Videobrasil Residency Program partner, is offering an artist residency opportunity in an Elysium Gallery studio, fully funded and lasting one month. The entry format allows artists to apply or be nominated via the organization’s website through the purchase of raffle tickets.

The residency is intended to support artists that can offer a unique perspective on the city of Swansea, reflecting on its past, present, politics, architecture and society. The raffle winner will be allowed to explore Swansea’s public archives in order to understand the social and industrial background of the city and the surrounding rural area. During the residency, scheduled for October 2015 or February 2016, the artist will be given access to the library, technical equipment and materials at City Art College; critical feedback and portfolio reviews from local curators, artists and institutions; and a public program presenting the winning artist’s practice and research. The resulting artwork will be shown at the Elysium Gallery’s project space. Learn more about the application process.

In 2014, Residency Unlimited welcomed the artist Virginia de Medeiros for a two-month stay. Virginia was one of the winners of the 18th Festival residency prize, for her piece Sergio e Simone (2010). She shared her experiences in In Residence, the Videobrasil Residency Program blog.