19th Festival: awarded artists

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posted on 10/13/2015
The winner of the Grand Prize of BRL 75,000 was Hui Tao (China). Haroon Gunn-Salie (South Africa) received the SP-Arte/Videobrasil Prize. Nine artists were granted residency prizes and the jury has announced three honorable mentions

In the evening of October 10, the award jury of the 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil | Southern Panoramas, composed of Hoor Al-Qasimi (UAE), N’Goné Fall (Senegal), Priscila Arantes (Brazil), Till Fellrath (Switzerland) and Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (Mexico), announced this edition’s eleven winning artists and three honorable mentions, chosen from the 53 artists shortlisted following a call for submissions.

The winner of the Grand Prize of BRL 75,000 was Hui Tao (China), for his video Talk about body (2013).  Selected by the 19th Festival jury as the most outstanding work, it discusses the coexistence of different times and cultures, urban and rural settings, and traditions and progresses that grow outdated and reinvent themselves. Sitting on his bed, dressed like a Muslim woman, he describes himself. According to the jury, “In a wholly unassuming way, Tao’s video engages with some of the most pressing issues of our times: race, gender, religious traditions, the importance of listening to the other, and the importance of seeing oneself… all of this with the potential to create a much-needed sense of radical empathy in our world, in these times.”

Nine artists won Residency Prizes to be undertaken at institutions affiliated with the Videobrasil Residency Program. In a discussion involving delegates from the partner institutions for this edition, the artists were assigned the residencies that can potentially contribute the most to their lines of research and poetics. The jury also awarded three honorable mentions to artists whose works they discussed at length while evaluating the entries.

This year, the Festival awarded a special prize to a piece that is not a part of the jury’s selection pool: the SP-Arte/Videobrasil Prize. The artist Haroon Gunn-Salie (South Africa), featured in the Festival with his sculpture Sunday Best (2014), will have a solo exhibition slated to open during the São Paulo International Art Fair in April 2016, at Associação Cultural Videobrasil’s headquarters Galpão VB.

The 19th Contemporary Art Festival Sesc_Videobrasil | Southern Panoramas, running until December 6, 2015 at São Paulo’s Sesc Pompeia and Galpão VB, also features a parallel show at Paço das Artes and a packed schedule of Public Programs (Meetings and Conversations, Workshops and a Seminar), as well as publication launches.

Check out the full list of the 19th Festival winning artists and artworks:

Grand Prize

Hui Tao (China)

Talk about body | 2013, video

A-I-R Laboratory Residency Prize (A-I-R Laboratory — Warsaw, Poland)

Clara Ianni (Brazil)

Forma Livre | 2013, video

Linha | 2013, drawing

Arquetopia_Videobrasil Residency Prize (Arquetopia — Puebla, Mexico)

Paulo Nazareth (Brazil)

L’Arbre D’Oublier | 2013, video

Cine África | 2012-2013, video

Cine Brasil | 2012-2013, video

Ipê Amarelo | 2012-2013, video

Delfina_Videobrasil Residency Prize (Delfina Foundation — London, United Kingdom)

Luciana Magno (Brazil)

Trans Amazônica | 2013, video

Res Artis Residency Prize (Djerassi Resident Artists Program — Woodside, USA)

Karolina Bregula (Poland)

Fire-Followers | 2013, video

Res Artis Residency Prize (Kooshk Residency — Tehran, Iran)

Aline X e Gustavo Jardim (Brazil)

Tocaia | 2014, video installation

Res Artis Residency Prize (Kyoto Art Center — Kyoto, Japan)

Maya Watanabe (Peru)

Escenarios II | 2014, video installation

China Art Foundation Residency Prize (Red Gate Residency — Beijing, China)

Köken Ergun (Turkey)

Bayrak (The Flag) | 2006, video installation

Vila Sul – Goethe-Institut Residency Prize (Residência Vila Sul — Salvador, Brazil)

Roy Dib (Lebanon)

A Spectacle of Privacy | 2014, video installation

Mondial 2010 | 2014, video

Wexner Center for the Arts Residency Prize (Wexner Center for the Arts — Columbus, USA)

Pilar Mata Dupont (Australia)

Purgatorio | 2014, video

Special Prize | SP-Arte/Videobrasil

Haroon Gunn-Salie (South Africa)

Sunday Best | 2014, sculpture

Honorable Mentions

Ali Cherri (Lebanon)

The Disquiet | 2013, video

Michael MacGarry (South Africa)

Excuse me, while I disappear | 2014, video

Taus Makhacheva (Russia)

Gamsutl | 2012, video