Closing panel of 19th Festival Seminar to take place on Thursday

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posted on 10/28/2015
Artists and thinkers will convene at the Sesc Pompeia Theater on October 29 to discuss the theme 'Rethinking Time: Art, Silences and Histories'.

On October 29 (Thursday), at 2pm, the closing panel of the Seminar Places and Meanings in Art: Debates from the South will take place at the Sesc Pompeia Theater. Curated and moderated by Sabrina Moura, the session will be themed Rethinking Time: Art, Silences and Histories. Tickets will be distributed at the venue one hour prior to the event.

The panel will focus on how art inevitably expresses the relationships that form the social fabric, immersed as it is in contextures marked by the dilemmas of history. To the seminar’s curator, “its discourses, silences, or denunciations reveal the tensions between what we want to remember or to forget.” The meeting will discuss the practices of thinkers and artists who strive to destabilize (or reiterate) the political forces that separate the fields of history and memory. Previous meetings addressed topics such as Art, Gesture and Contemporaneity, Art, Uses and Daily Life and Art, Memory and Fiction.

The panel Rethinking Time: Art, Silences and Histories will feature the art critic and curator Gerardo Mosquera (Cuba), cofounder of the Havana Biennial and curator of New York’s New Museum (USA); Ntone Edjabe (Cameroon), journalist and DJ, creator and editor of curatorial/editorial platform Chimurenga and one of the collaborators for the 10th edition of Caderno Sesc_Videobrasil: Uses of Memory; and Karol Radziszewski (Poland), artist, curator and publisher of DIK Fagazine, who was selected for the second edition of Videobrasil in Context (one of the projects that comprise the Videobrasil Residency Program).

The panel will also be informed by video statements from the 19th Festival featured artists Cristiano Lenhardt (with a comissioned project on show at Galpão VB and Videobrasil Collection artworks exhibited at the Festival’s parallel exhibition Those Born for Adventure don’t Stray from the Path, at Paço das Artes), and Dor Guez (a selected piece by whom is on display at Sesc Pompeia’s Convivência area).

Seminar Places and Meanings in Art: Debates from the South
Panel 4: Rethinking Time: Art, Silences and Histories
October 29, 2015, 2pm to 4pm
Sesc Pompeia Theater | Rua Clélia, 93, São Paulo *tickets will be distributed one hour prior to the event, seats are limited